I Just Wish

I Just Wish
By Cams.

It's almost four and I just can't sleep
I can't say but there's painful tears in my eyes
I'm getting irritating and sick of it all
And nothing can dry these tears I shouldn't have cried

I just wish you could know how unfair it is
It seems you're making your nice approach
While you're just making it all wrong
Don't fool my feelings like this

And today is another day
But to me it seems the same
I haven't slept for a few days
And it's just making me insane

I just wish you could know how hurt I can be
It seems like you can't see what I've just showed you
I've already opened up your eyes
So please, could you try to get it?

So my tears are still rolling through my face
And morning is coming really faster
My eyes start to close themselves in a sweet sweet melody
And my pain seems like it never existed

I just wish you could love me like this
It seems like we're destinated to be
Why can't we even try?
Just give me the chance and good night

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